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Get a Move In Truck Credit

Move-In Truck Credit Program

Allsize Storage offers you a Move-In Truck Rental Credit !

Why rent with Allsize? While other companies may "loan" you a truck for move in we feel it more prudent to provide you with a well-maintained, clean, safe and reliable truck from a company like U-Haul, Penske, or Budget (call us for their phone numbers). Simply bring us the receipt and we will credit it you towards your second month's rental with us.

Don't let your moving day plans go amuck... Rent with Allsize Storage.

Call us Today at (714) 993-9203 (Yorba Linda)
or (951) 736-6628 (Corona).

This program applies to new customers and new contracts only. Renewals are not eligible for a Move-In Truck Credit.Maximum credit amount is determined by the size of unit rented. Reimbursement for truck rental only does not include additional equipment rental, refueling charges or insurance. Please call for more Information.